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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Blogoversary Mega Contest WINNERS!

You guys are amazing and I wish I could make each and every one of you a winner. I had a record number of entries for this contest and I had so much fun adding extra prizes along the way! 
Ok, on to the winners!!

2 International Winners - $15 at the Book Depository
*W.Noorazlinda/ Darlyn of Darlyn & Books
*K / Kaya (email starts with "k_a")

Upcoming ARCs Winner
*Kapri from Book Fanatics

Prophecy Books Winner

Pre-ordered copy of Mockingjay Winner
*Jessica from Shut Up! I'm Reading

Short Story Books Winner
*Cathie (email starts with "love")

Vampire Books Winner

Recent Release ARCs Winner

Congratulations everyone!!

I will be emailing you all shortly :)

Thank you all so so much for a great year of blogging! I hope to have many more to come!


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  2. Oh My!Thank so much Emily!!Congrats to other winners too!

    p/s:I've already filled the form.

  3. Could you please read what I filled out? :) Thanks.

  4. Thanks! I filled in the form:)

    Congrats to winners!

  5. Congratulations everyone! ^_^

  6. Thanks so much! Congrats to the other winners!


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