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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Thursday!

Hey guys!
I'm home sick today and I was hoping to catch up on some posting but since I got up this morning I've been hearing this voice in my head calling to me....

No I'm not crazy!

Well...um...at least not today :)

It's my bed - calling I mean. It's so warm and it's snowing outside and I'm sick and feel icky :(

So! That's where I'm going. I would take my computer but it doesn't like to cuddle so it has to stay under the couch where it lives :)

Ok - now you really do think I'm crazy.


I really really hope to get a Flashback Friday up for tomorrow (tomorrow is Friday right?) but if not I think it's ok :)  (and I hope you guys do too :)

Hope you are all feeling better then me and if you're sick too I hope you get better soon!!!

I'll be back!

oooo maybe I'll have enough energy to get started on my next contest...hehe...lots of books...lots of winners - how does that sound?

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