Monday, November 2, 2009

Monthly Reads - October 2009

Goodbye October! Thank you for leaving all this wonderful Halloween candy lying around :)
The leaves are still falling, the air is still crisp and we only had 1 day of snow so far! I'm looking forward to another month of Fall but still preparing for the onslaught of Winter.
There are still a few apples to pick, maybe a pie or two to bake for Thanksgiving and an ever growing pile of books to read! What could be better?
October was a great month for me - went by kinda quick though and honestly, I have no idea how many books I read! Good thing I keep a book journal.
As soon as I finish a book, I write it down along with a few thoughts / notes I help me remember things when review time comes (or not :)

Ok - on with the show!
(links are to blog reveiws)

Wow - I am way way behind on reviews! :( I know why - I'm thinking too much about what to say instead of just sharing my thoughts and feelings...gonna have to find a way to fix that...brain transplant? :)

So, what have you guys been reading?

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