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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Monthly Reads - September 2009

Hello October! Fall is here in New England. Red, yellow, and oranage leaves are everywhere! (anyone wanna help me rake? :)
It's time for apple picking, pumpkins and getting ready for those cold snowy winter months. It's also time for September's Monthly Reads.

I was supper busy in September - got a new job (in a library!), took a trip to visit my family, my daughter started pre-school and we got a gigantic tv! Gigantic tvs don't take up your time you say? Well, when it involves switching around almost every piece of furniture in the house to make room for it - it does! :)

So! Not too many books read or reviewed this past month :(
Oh well. Maybe next month will be better - I did GET a ton of books in September so I'm not lacking for anything to read :)

On with the show!
(links are to blog reviews)

So, what have you guys been reading? Leave me a link if you post your own Monthly Reads, or something like it.

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