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Friday, February 17, 2012

NetGalley Review-a-thon at Adventures 2.0

Have you gotten behind in writing your NetGalley reviews? I know I have. 

Lisa will be hosting these events the first full weekend after each of my NetGalley Months (in January, April, July and October).

I'm going to aim at at least 5 NetGalley Reviews completely written...I have more but I'm wondering how much time my family will really let me have in front of the computer this weekend ;)

And if you haven't already, there is still time to sign up for my 2012 NetGalley Reading Challenge :)


  1. Thanks for sharing and joining Emily! I have 14 now but am aiming for 5 finished too, a goal I'm hoping we can both reach. :D

  2. I think it depends on what you pick up to review from NetGalley. I review mostly graphic novels, children's books and cookbooks. I'm not even positive how to count these reviews towards the challenge. I was slacking a bit since I bog down when I get to novels but I've still managed to put away two novels since the start of the year.


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