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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Book Review: Magic Under Stone (Magic Under #2) by Jaclyn Dolamore

Reading Level: Young Adult
Publication Date: February 28, 2012
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Pages: 304
Series: 2nd in a series
Acquisition: NetGalley

Goodreads page

My thoughts:
I was so fully taken in and captivated by the fantasy world and characters Jaclyn created in Magic Under Glass (book 1) that I was a little worried about this second book. Book 2s don't always work for me. Fortunately I had absolutely nothing to worry about! I didn't think it was possible but I loved Magic Under Stone even more!

Picking up right were book 1 ends, it didn't take me long to get caught up with the story. And what a story it is! Part adventure, part mystery, part romance and ALL fantasy! Throw in magic and characters that I really connected with and Magic Under Stone was pretty much a perfect win for me.

Almost everyone we meet in Magic Under Glass makes an appearance in book 2, along with a few new characters. One of which is Ifra the Jinn. I can't remember the last time I was captivated by a character the way I was with Ifra. I would gladly read a dozen books solely about him and his life.

There is a lot of back story in Magic Under Stone and I really loved how it helped me understand Erris better. I didn't love him as much in this book...but I understood why he did the things he did. Nim's determination is as strong as ever and it was really heartwarming to see the lengths she would go for the people she cared about.

Final verdict:
If you like young adult fantasy, you have got to read this series. I absolutely love Jaclyn's writing and her ability to fully pull me into a story and keep me wholeheartedly engaged with these wonderful characters she has created. I'm sad that it looks like Magic Under is only a 2 book series but I'm hopeful that maybe Nim and her world will make another appearance in the future.

Magic Under Stone is a book I would not hesitate to recommend. It's rich and captivating without being heavy and overbearing. Another great book by a great author!

Overall Rating:
5 / 5 Stars

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  1. I had no idea that this was releasing today. I absolutely LOVED Magic Under Glass and I'm so glad that this one lived up to your expectations! I need to get my hands on a copy ASAP.


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