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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

NetGalley April - My Reads

I've been asking all of you to Wrap It Up and share with us your NetGalley reads from April and now it's my turn to share!

I didn't set any limits or goals for myself and I think it worked out really well. I wasn't disappointed in the number of books I read and I didn't feel constrained to a set list. I was even able to get a few reviews out :)

So, here is my wrap up for NetGalley April along with some quick thoughts on each.
Links are to Goodreads

Loved! Historical fiction with a touch of the paranormal. Click HERE for my full review.

Very strange and weird and then more strange. A mixed bag for me. Click HERE for my full review.

I found it very hard to get past the love triangle in this one. I liked some parts but others fell flat. (review to post soon)

I liked this one so much I already bought my own copy :) Raw feelings and very believable characters made this one a great read for me. (review to come soon)

Twisted Tales Book 1. Pretty much loved the added magic and stealth that Maureen pumped into this mashup. (Review to come May 18th)

Twisted Tales Book 2. I didn't enjoy this one as much as book 1 but it was still fun to read. Hope Maureen has more Twisted Tales planned! (Review to come May 19th)

6 books! Not bad!
I almost think that if I had planned to read 6 I wouldn't have gotten to them all some how ;)

I'm having a blast collecting all your reads from April so if you haven't already commented on my end of month post - DO IT NOW :)

Next week I'll announce prize winners and tally up stats on what everyone read.

Thanks again to everyone who joined and if you weren't able to participate in April, there is always NetGalley July :)

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  1. Sounds like you read some good ones---I wish I would have gotten some of them. :)


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