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I'm committed to this little chunk of the interweb but I've also branched out into other places so! Now it's time to think of Red House Books as more of a hub of all things me! And Me is a hell of a lot of book love!

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Friday, May 27, 2011

How you doing?

In a word? BEA was awesomesauce.

My favorite part? Spending time with so many great bloggers, meeting so many wonderful authors and publishers and immersing myself in book love euphoria!

I got so many great books but I might have to wait to share them with you as my brain as not yet recovered from the exhausting (and exciting and thrilling and amazing) experiences of this week - and, I'm still technically on vacation ;)

I've been a little tuned out of the blogosphere this week so I ask - How you doing? How was your week?

I'll be back to regularly posting soon :)


  1. Great meeting you! :) BEA was a lot of fun, but very tiring. :P

  2. Emily, my new friend!! It was so awesome meeting/hanging out with you! Can't wait to do it again in 2012!


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