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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Low Key and Going Green

It happened again. It was just around 11pm last night and I'm doing a mental check list of last minute nighttime tasks when it hit me - I had nothing scheduled to post this morning! GASP! Oh no! I had spent my night playing with my 4 year old and reading after she went to bed. Now it was late and I was tired and before I knew it the guilt had set in.

I know a lot of bloggers suffer from it. A day without a post...what if you all forget about me? What if you get tired of my less then perfect posting consistency? What if!?!

But you know what? It's all good :)

I'm a very laid back person but for some reason, lately I've been getting very uptight about blogging. I kept looking for the perfect....well, everything. The perfect formatting, the perfect layout, the perfect amount of posts per week or month ratio. The perfect number of comments received. The perfect number of books read each year.....and you know what? There is no such thing as the perfect blog. Or the perfect reader OR THE PERFECT PERSON!

Yeah....I already knew these things but I kinda forgot :) Oops!

So, expect a lot more...well...really just a lot more ME. Meaning, I'm finally owning my blog. It's mine. I love it and I care for it and if I don't feed it for a day or two it's still there. If I find out something I want to share - I share it. If no one comments, it's ok. If I sound like an idiot because I'm really not very good at expressing myself that's ok too. Make sense? Good!

Might not seem like a big deal but seriously - I feel like a weight has been lifted! (anyone still reading this and going 'duh' what's your problem? hehehe :)

SO! Today's Shelf Awareness included the winners of the Newton Marasco Foundation's 2011 Green Earth Book Awards. I've never heard of NMF before today but they are a nonprofit organization whose mission is to inspire the next generation of environmental stewards. This year, Abby McDonald's book Boys, Bears and a Serious Pair of Hiking Boots won in the Young Adult Fiction category. I just saw this book the other day in my local bookstore and almost picked it up. Now I really want to read it :)

Hope you all had a lovely day!


  1. Good for you darling! We all have to find our balance and center. You go girl!

    Personally, I think too many take it too seriously. ;) I'm proud of you!

  2. I had this epiphany around the end of 2010 and it felt SO LIBERATING. I used to worry about getting a good amount of comments and followers and how could I make my blog more fun? (monthly contests maybe?) But then I realized that a.) this is too much work b.) this blog is supposed to be FUN c.)I don't have the energy to do all of this and d.) I NEED TO LIVE MY LIFE.

    So, Emily, I applaud you for owning your blog and letting it just be. Juju's right: a lot of people take their blogs too seriously and forget that it's supposed to be fun! We all have things to do in real life and I do not want to be attached to a computer screen all day.



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