Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Quick Review: Sweet by Emmy Laybourne

Standalone (+ short story prequel)

Publication: June 2015 by Feiwel & Friends


4 / 5 Stars

All of my assumptions about Sweet were 100% wrong.

The things I thought I would love, fell flat and the things I thought would be cringe worthy were actually pretty fantastic.

Sweet is a bit weird. It's a little fluffy but it's also pretty horrific and it's very relateable and it's totally implausible. It's like one of those House of Mirrors attractions at a sketchy road side carnival. You're apprehensive about entering, startled and feel silly while you're inside and terrified when you realize you can't find your way out.

OMG and the ending! It was perfect!

I was like, yadda yadda, closing bits, loose ends, got it got it...wait, what the hell just happened!

Sometimes I love being wrong ;)

Next time you're browsing your local bookstore and you see this one - scoop it up, bring it home and enjoy the ride!


  1. I love Emmy Laybourne, I hadn't heard of this one though, I suppose thats what I get when I drop out of the blogosphere for the better part of 2 years. Glad you liked it! Have you read her Momument 14 series? I love it and can't recommend it enough.

  2. I liked Monument 14, so definitely reading this one.


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