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Monday, June 10, 2013

BEA Blogger's Conference Part 1: Keynote Speakers and YA Blogging

At this point you've probably seen a TON of post BEA recap posts.

As to not overwhelm you with ALL THE WORDS, I've broken up my BEA experience into a couple of posts (you know, because more is less ;)

I've also broken down my posts into bullet points because I like them :)

Today...oops...I mean Tonight! I bring you my thoughts on:

BEA Blogger's Conference Keynote Speakers, YA Blogging and...
other various things :)

*Opening Day Keynote speaker Will Schwalbe ruffled some feathers with his speech but all in all I think his heart was in the right place

*Loved it when he said "Books are how we take part in the human conversation" and that readers are "...looking for the book to do something for them." I totally agree with this!

*Meet with the NetGalley folks for a Wellness Check up - I love them and it was awesome.

*NetGalley is getting ready for some website changes this summer! Think, easier usability - very excited!

*Missed part of the panel called Young Adult Editor Insight Panel...and can't really remember what is was about...

*Second YA session was better - Young Adult Book Blogging Pros: Successes, Struggles and Insider Secrets - the speakers were all really great.

*Some good things in this one - like having back up plans for when you want to post something but it doesn't work out and a cool hint (to me at least) for using Edelweiss to search pub catalogs for upcoming releases.

*Some not so good things - like how you should 'force yourself to blog' and that you need to blog everyday or your blog isn't going to be successful. This doesn't really jive with how I do things but to each his own!

*Lunch was crazy and not well thought out at all.

*I was able to eat and make it back to the big meeting room for a lively (sarcasm ;) talk on Ethics - which was basically lots of talk around the FCC rules for bloggers..which I'll post about tomorrow!

*Closing keynote speaker was kind of a joke. Randi Zucherberg (brother of the other Zucherberg) spoke for a while about how great stuff and things are - now with Facebook!

*Ok - maybe it wasn't that bad but I got nothing out of her talk and I don't think she even said the word 'blog' once let alone anything that was relevant bloggers.

More tomorrow!


  1. Ha ha. That's funny about Zucherberg. I'm sure you didn't think so while sitting through it, though. :)

  2. Man, I missed the YA Blogging Pros. Boo for posting every day! It's better to post when you HAVE something to say. Nothing annoys me more than opening my Feedly and discovering, like, 70% of the posts are cover reveals or memes instead of actual content or reviews.

    And MAN that ethics luncheon was drier than dust.


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