Thursday, April 18, 2013

I was going to...but then...and now...

I love my computer, I really do. And I love the interwebs and all it's glam, glitter and poison.

I LOVE making do to lists and I love it even more when I get to cross things off of it.

So, why is it, when I pick up that do to list, sit in front of beloved computer and tap into that wonderful wide world out there....NOTHING HAPPENS?

My desk chair is a black hole - it sucks time and energy away leaving me with the lingering effects of Buzz Feed's 28 Unicorn-Approved Rainbow DIY's article and PSY's "Gentleman" forever running through my brain.

Has anyone invented a cure for this?

My boyfriend was trying to get work done the other night but felt too distracted. I offered to stand behind him with a Taboo buzzer and set it off every time he wondered off course.

He did not take me up on this offer.

But seriously, how do you stay focused? 

It seems that lately ANYTHING that required the Internet - blogging, email, bill paying - simply isn't getting done in this house because...OMG did you see THIS??


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  1. Lol, who doesn't have this problem? I sit down to write a review and then 3 hours later I surface from twitter/facebook/youtube/pintrest and realize I've done absolutely nothing. I usually sit down with a written list or make sure the first thing I open up is whatever I'm hoping to complete. It doesn't really work though...


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