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Monday, March 4, 2013

Book Review: Professor Gargoyle by Charles Gilman

Professor Gargoyle (Tales from Lovecraft Middle School #1)
Charles Gilman
Reading Level: Middle Grade
Publication: September 2012 from Quirk Books
Pages: 168
Format: hardcover
Acquisition: publisher sent for review

In Professor Gargoyle, we’re introduced to 11-year-old Robert Arthur and the strange world of Lovecraft Middle School. It’s a brand-new state-of-the-art facility—so why do so many creepy things keep happening? Why is the science teacher acting so strangely? And where are all the rats coming from? 
As Robert explores with his new friends Glenn and Carina, he discovers that the school may be a portal to another world.
(from Goodreads)

My Thoughts
Professor Gargoyle is an awesome start to what I hope is a long lived middle grade series. With it's male protagonist and paranormal elements I can see young readers really eating this one up!

Every kid has had a teacher they couldn't stand - someone who really got under their skin. For Robert, unfortunately, he has more to worry about besides passing science. As he soon discovers, there is A LOT more to Lovecraft school then meets the eye and he'll be lucky to survive his first week with all his limbs attached, never mind as passing grade.

Robert very much takes thing in stride - which I really liked about him. He kind of has to after finding out the secrets of Lovecraft. And his new friends? A ghost, a bully and a 2 headed mouse? Not exactly what he signed up for but without their help he never would have made it. I really love how these unexpected friends found each other.

A quick read for us older folks, and a thrill ride of a story for the younger crowd. This is definitely a book to introduce to reluctant readers - especially boys, who sometimes benefit from reading about a character they could relate to. Robert is a very relate-able character. He has faults, he doesn't always know what he is doing but he's true to his friends and true to his word.

Will I continue the series?
Yes! In face, I've already read book 2 and it was just a fabulous and Professor Gargoyle. I can't wait for my little one to be old enough to read these herself.

5 / 5 Stars

Tales from Lovecraft Middle School
#1 Professor Gargoyle
#2 The Slither Sisters
#3 Teacher's Pest (May 2013)


  1. Emily, you totally touched on all the things I loved about this book! I agree with you that it has such wide appeal and that's one of my favourite things about this book. So many people could read and appreciate it, regardless of gender or age. Plus I adored the illustrations - weren't they just perfect for the story??

    Brenna fromEsther's Ever After

  2. These books look like so much fun! The covers are somewhere between cool and creepy, lol.


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