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Friday, October 12, 2012

The Drake Chronicles Short Stories by Alyxandra Harvey

The Drake Chronicles are one of my favorite YA vampire series to date and I'm a huge fan of short stories and series novellas in general.

Short stories, especially when they take place between series books can add a lot of depth to a story line in my opinion.

To date there are 4 short stories in the Drake Chronicles and I've devoured them all!

Corsets and Crossbows (#0.1)
This one takes place well before the events in book 1. The year is 1816 and Rosalind Wild is ready for full membership into the Helios-Ra -- and she'll have to fight very hard to get it. Told in letters, it's a bit one sided as we are only seeing Rosalind's point of view. It's a bit awkward overall but it's a quick read and it's a small glimpse into the early times of the vampire hunting society which I liked.

Read it yourself in ebook format on your Kindle, Nook or iOS device - currently $.99

Lost Girls (#0.5)
Takes place in 1983 and tells the story of the first time Liam and Helena meet. Now, I love vampire stories but really, the one thing that always gets me is the age difference thing. Liam is 81 and Helena is 16. Because Liam turned into a vampire as a teenager, this isn't weird….only it still is for me. It always weirds me out when supernatural beings get away with dating people decades younger then them. But because I love this series so much, I try not to focus on things like this.
Overall, this story was awesome. We get some great back story on Mom and Dad Drake and lots of details about Helena's past.

Read it yourself in the US print edition of book 4, Bleeding Hearts

A Killer First Date (#3.5)
A short and sweet story about Lucy and Nicolas and their attempts at a first 'real' date. Lot of evil vamps around, of course and a few meddling brothers so of course everything goes perfectly :) This is the first short story that takes place in time line of the full text books and I loved it. Lucy is one of my favorite characters and I love how she 'deals' with Nicolas and his brothers.

Read it yourself in ebook format on your Kindle, Nook or iOS device - currently $.99

A Field Guide to Vampires: Annotated by Lucy Hamilton (#4.5)
A vampire guide for students of the Helios-Ra Academy. A quick read made quirky and fun by Lucy's added notes.  A fun read for fans of the series and a good guide in general for help in keeping track of all the factions and characters in the series.
I don't know that you would have to read this one after book 4 but I could be wrong - there might be spoilers so reading it as book 4.5 is probably a good idea.

Read it yourself in ebook format on your Kindle, Nook or iOS device - currently $.99

The complete Drake Chronicles

#0.1 Corsets and Crossbows
#0.5 Lost Girls
#1.0 Hearts at Stake
#2.0 Blood Feud
#3.0 Out for Blood
#3.5 A Killer First Date
#4.0 Bleeding Hearts
#4.5 A Field Guide to Vampires
#5.0 Blood Moon
#6.0 Blood Prophecy (January 2013)

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