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Saturday, September 22, 2012

On My Reader (22) - September 22, 2012

On My Reader posts are were I highlight recent ebooks I've added to my digital collection :)

I haven't posted a OMR in over a month! I started doing these as a way to help myself organize my digital books and since it's been so long since I posted...I can't say I've been very organized!

I also haven't posted a whole lot in general these last couple of weeks - all I can say is that allergies suck! I'm not going to jinx it by saying I think I'm feeling better but hopefully I can get back to regular posting soon :)

So! What digital books have I gotten?
I honestly have no idea...let's take a look!

Links are to Goodreads


Someone recommended this one to me. I can't say that I've read anything published under Createspace but since it was free I thought I'd give it a shot.

Not sure where I heard about this one but again, it was free so I thought, why not give it a try!

Been meaning to start this series and I thought this prequel short story would help modivate me. You can read it for free on Tor's website

Another prequel short story. This one you can read on Scribd

A short story that follows Thimble and Stone after the events of book 1. I already read it and it is awesome!

I have Partials and I love short story prequels :) 

For Review
I featured this one recently but I haven't read it yet. Heard good things though so I'm excited about it.

From NetGalley
January 8, 2013 from Strange Chemistry

January 1, 2013 from Amulet Books

Awesome - that was a lot more then I thought I had :)

Hope I'm feeling better soon and can devote more time to blogging and less time to coughing, blowing my nose and trying not to OD on meds :)

So, what's on your e-reader? :)


  1. Nice! Free ebooks are my downfall, as I figure what the heck and I might as well give it a shot, but then my virtual TBR pile just keeps growing and growing. Looking forward to reading Splintered, as I'm hearing nothing but raves so far!

    Hope you're feeling better!

  2. I am on a trip and mine died. Good thing I brought some paper books.
    You have a nice variety.


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