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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Book Review: The Future We Left Behind by Mike A. Lancaster

The Future We Left Behind (Point 4 #2)
Mike A. Lancaster
Reading Level: Young Adult
Publication: November 2012 from Egmont USA
Pages: 384
Format: ARC
Acquisition: BEA 2012

Thousands of years in the future the divide between humanity and technology has become nearly unrecognizable. Each thought, each action is logged, coded, backed up. Data is as easily exchanged through the fiber-optic-like cables that extend from fingertips as it might be through ordinary conversation. It's a brave new world: A world that the Straker Tapes say is a result of many human "upgrades." But no one is sure whether the Straker Tapes are a work of fiction or an eerie peek into an unimaginable past.
Nearly sixteen-year-old Peter Vincent has been raised to believe that everything that the backward Strakerites cling to is insane--an utter waste of time and potential. Since his father is David Vincent, genius inventor of the artificial bees that saved the world's crops and prevented massive famine, how could Peter believe anything else?
But when Peter meets Alpha, a Strakerite his own age, suddenly the theories about society-upgrades don't sound quite so crazy, especially when she shows him evidence that another upgrade is imminent. And worse, there may be a conspiracy by the leaders of the establishment to cover it up. A conspiracy spearheaded by Peter's own father.
(from Goodreads)

My Thoughts
OMG I have so much love for this book!

The Future We Left Behind is one of the best science fiction books and quite possibility the best YA sci-fi I have ever read.

A very pleasant surprise as more often then not diary entry style writing doesn't appeal to me. In the case of The Future We Left Behind, knowing future (and past) events in no way detract from the suspense of the story. In fact, knowing what was to come, and what had already happened added to the thrill of the story.

Human .4 was phenomenal read for me and I had high hopes for book 2. Not only was I not disappointed, I was utterly blow away by the power of this book. Science fiction at it's best!

Peter was a fantastic character. He isn't bold and he in no way thinks of himself as a hero. Even though he lives in a wholly foreign world he was very easy to relate to. I love the way he interacts with Alpha and I love how they work together.

Does Peter live in a world humanity could find itself in one day? Knowing the how of it all...I would hope not but Lancaster does such a fantastic job telling this story I find it hard to completely rule out the possibility.

I would (and do!) recommend this series to any science fiction fan.

Will I continue the series?
As far as I can tell, there isn't another book in the series set to release. BUT if there were? Yes oh yes I would read it!

5 / 5 Stars

The Point 4 Series
#1 Human .4 (UK title: 0.4)
#2 The Future We Left Behind (UK title: 1.4)

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