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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Show Me Your Shelves

Hello and welcome to Show Me Your Shelves!
A feature where readers of Red House Books are given the opportunity to show us their book shelves, book cases, book piles....

Today it is my pleasure to welcome Joli from Actin' Up with Books

Joli's Show Me project was a labor of love!
Here's her story :)

"When you first put it out there that you wanted to see everyone's shelves, I jumped right on it. But then reality set in. My bookshelves were a hot mess and would need a major overhaul. I had no idea how exhausting that would be or how long it would take. Here is the before picture:
When we first moved in our house, we decided to remove the closet doors in the office and put the bookshelves in the closet. This had worked well for us, except for when we need to get in the attic. The entrance to the attic is in the closet, hence the ladder. (There was some weird rattling up there. After he checked it out, he didn't put it back. Go figure)

I started to organizing my books, removing ones that I no longer wanted and could donate or giveaway. Even after doing all of that, I still didn't have enough room on my shelves for all of my books, so I cleaned off my small shelf that held my magazines and music. Now it holds all of my newer books. 

Here are my main two bookshelves which I am always reorganizing and shifting books around 

And some close-ups

In addition to these bookshelves, i have another one in my spare bedroom. This one didn't need much organizing, I just cleared off some of the clutter.

I still have some books that need a home. These are either library books, books for review or books I just got within the past few weeks. (I don't usually keep them on the floor like this.)

I plan to continue to sort through my books, donate some or give some away so that all of my books have a proper home." 

Everything looks wonderful Joli - and don't worry - there will always be books that need a home! It's a sign of a true book lover!
Thank you so much for Sharing Your Shelves!


The waiting list is now clear but I would love to show off more of your shelves. If you'd like to share, please fill out THIS FORM to start :)
If you've already expressed interest and I'm just waiting on your pics - no problems! Get them to me when you can.


  1. That is... a LOT of books! My shelf is just that, a shelf. Plus some books that have spilled over onto my desk and nightstand. That's about it. :D


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