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Friday, January 14, 2011

Flashback Friday: The Secret Circle Vol 2: The Captive by L.J. Smith

Flashback Friday reviews are books that I read as a teen, reread now years later :)

Publication Date: 1992
Originally Read: 1992

Book Summary:
Can the Secret Circle Survive...Or will the Dark Struggle of Good, Evil and Tormented Love Consume Them All?
Lured into the most popular in-crowd imaginable, Cassie is intoxicated by her new found strength, a power as addictive as it is perilous.
Caught between tow members' consuming desires to use the coven's mysterious force, Cassie turns to one of their boyfriends, Adam - and falls captive to her own dangerous love.
Bewitched by the promise of love through magic, Cassie captures Adam's heart and upsets the delicate balance of power, unleashing a storm of fury no one anticipates. (from back cover)

My thoughts:
This series is one of my guilty pleasures. The story is pretty unrealistic and the characters leave a lot to be desired. BUT I can't help but love them all.

Wow, I'm really wondering if I even read the back cover summary of this one when I first read it. It's actually nothing like what the book is actually about! Wonder if they could have fit a few more adverbs and adjectives into that one!

I was surprised that this series was republished and I haven't read enough reviews to know what first time readers think of it. I for one, will always love it for it's nostalgia. Unlike today, where I can walk into a bookstore and have literally 100s of YA books to choose from. When I was a kid, I had only a few authors to satisfy myself with. And satisfy I did! I can still remember waiting (oh the waiting!) for the next books in the series to be published! I know I read these at least 3 times over.

Vol 2 was always my favorite. Less of the totally unrealistic 'love'. More cut throat good vs evil witchy awesomeness! While I won't go as far as saying I was routing for the bad guys...the good guys almost succeeded in turning me over to the dark side. Being bad can be oh so much more fun. So what if you 'accidentally' release an ancient evil on the world? ; )

As soon as I get my hot little hands on an old copy of Vol 3 we can finish up this series together! (with a bang? Can't remember if there were bangs...fire I think...and more death? Ooo - I can't remember - how exciting!)

L.J., you will forever hold a special place in my heart :)
In case you missed it - click here for my review of Vol 1: The Initiation

How about you? Did you read this series as a teen? Have you read it for the first time recently?

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