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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

BEA 2011 - Are you ready?!

Ok, I know May isn't for another 8 months or so but still! It's BEA baby!!
Just in case you're like me and like to plan ahead (for awesomeness!!) here is some yummy BEA goodness :) Enjoy!

Book Expo America 2011 will take place at the Jacob Javits Center in NYC from Monday May 23, 2011 - Thursday May 26, 2011.

For those of you that went this year, that's an extra day folks! Another entire day on the exhibit floor. I don't know if my feet can take it! What about you?

Some awesome ways to stay informed:

Be sure to use #bookexpo when talking about the show

The offical source for BEA announcements and news

AND! Did you see? The FLOOR PLAN is already up on the website and is it just me or does it seem bigger? I have to find my BEA 2010 map!

AND! Don't forget about the Book Blogger Convention! The 2nd BBC will be held on the Friday after BEA, Reception Thursday night.

New format this year - BBC 2011 will be a series of workshops rather then a one-track convention. I'm supper excited!

You can even submit your own logo entry!

So, what do you think guys? Have I used enough exclamation points in this post?! Anyone thinking about BEA 2011 yet or am I the only crazy one?! Who's with me? :)

And in case you were wondering what I'm most looking forward to? It's seeing these wonderful, amazing people again! EleniJenniferTaschimaSherryLexie, and Sandy -- I miss you!!!! Hope to see you in 8 months!!!


  1. I...really need to get a move on and figure out how I'm going to pay for a hotel room this year. 5 days for BEA and BBC? yeah the commute would be $150--assuming that NJ Transit doesn't raise the prices again. I can board at a hotel with someone for that much money!

    I can't wait to see y'all too!! We can make a more coherent plan of attack XD


    Lol, I can't believe it's ALMOST time for BEA again. I will definetely be going to BEA although I'm still not sure about BBC. D:

    Eeeeek! You've made me so excited! Gaaaah! I can't wait to see you again, Emily! It was so awesome meeting you ;) And I'm with Lexie on that last one-we can strategize better since we know what we're up against. (I hope the layout's more organized this time around-last time was crazy!)

  3. @Sandy: On the bright side, now that we have a built in group of relatively similar interests we can take better advantage of the rumor mill and line queues. PLUS any ticketed authors--I missed out a few times because I didn't know anyone well enough to grab me tickets to Rick Riordan or such, next year, soon as we all register, we should have a strategy meeting over AIM or SKYPE or something so we can discuss plans.

    Remember folks, BEA is a War Zone and our best chance at not being crushed alive is a really good OFFENSE.

    (can you tell I grew up in a military atmosphere? XD)

  4. oh man! I want to go this year, but I don't know when my finals are in the spring... I hope I could go to BBC!

  5. Is there a serious & clean person who would like to share a hotel room for BEA 2011? If so, please contact me at ultrabaron@hotmail.com
    I'm a 29 male coming from San Diego.
    Many thanks!


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