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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mini Review: Demon Chick by Marilyn Kaye

Title: Demon Chick
Author: Marilyn Kaye
Publication Date: September 2009
Book Acquisition: won an ARC from a fellow blogger
(from Goodreads)
Jessica may not have the warmest relationship with her mother, aspiring presidential candidate Margaret Hunsucker, but it still comes as a shock when she discovers that her mother has sold her to the devil. Will she have to spend eternity in hell with one of Satan’s minions, a demon named Brad? Brad takes pains to explain that they live in one of hell’s better neighborhoods, and he seems like a nice enough guy—but still! And things only get worse when Jessica learns the full extent of her mother’s evil plans. Can she and Brad come up with a plan to save the world?
These and other pressing questions are all answered in Marilyn Kaye’s delightfully satirical Demon Chick.

This book sat on my shelf for a while before I read it and it really is a shame because it was such an enjoyable book. You think your mom is bad? Has she ever sold your soul to the devil? Jessica's did. It was both horrible and a little funny. You see, because hell really isn't what she thought it would be. Well, at least not in the neighborhood that her demon keeper Brad lives in. I was very intrigued by the hell Kaye has presented. It really wasn't all that bad...but it wasn't all the good either. It's boring and dull - a place where you aren't expected to enjoy yourself. What I loved about Jessica is that she finds a way to make the most of it. 
A light, playful story about hell :) Oh - and with just enough romance to make it interesting. The ending was actually very sweet.
4/5 Stars

**In my Mimi Reviews I explore older, sometimes obscure books I have found in my travels and wish to share with my reader**


  1. This sounds like it would be a great fun read! And nope my mother was never that bad LOL

  2. This book sounds so unique! Hell is not something you read about in a book everyday, that's for sure. Glad you liked it!


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