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Saturday, September 29, 2012

I'm in! Bloggiesta me baby!

I'm pretty late to the party here BUT...

...I found myself with some extra time this weekend and it just so happens it's a Bloggiesta weekend AND I have been so scatterbrained and unfocused and unmotivated lately (to do a lot of things - not just blogging) that I thought - WHY NOT!?

For those of you that don't know, Bloggiesta is a blogging marathon challenge, hosted by There's a Book and It's All About Books (and started nearly 4 years ago by Maw Books).

Sign up, set some goals and hopefully cross some things off of your bloggy to do list (or lists, or lists within lists as the case may be ;)

Since this is my first time officially participating I'm really not sure exactly what I'll get done but I do have a few things in mind:

*Work on my blogging calendar -- I have a paper copy in a nice binder. I find that it's easy to whip it out and see exactly what I had scheduled for the upcoming week or month - problem is - I need to actually schedule ALL THE THINGS or...nothing happens :)

*Review posting clean up -- I have a massive spreadsheet of doom where I keep track of where all my reviews are (when did it post to my blog, have I posted to Amazon, Goodreads, NetGalley, etc) -- it's woefully out of date at the moment and could use a little love

*WRITE the reviews -- pretty self explanatory :)

*MAKE LISTS! -- of all the things I might not have time to do  

Bloggiesta runs until tomorrow the 30th so there is still time to join in the fun - you can find all the details HERE :)

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