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Saturday, March 24, 2012

On My Reader (6) - March 24, 2012

On My Reader is a new feature were I highlight recent ebooks I've added to my digital collection.
Inspired by In My Mailbox hosted by The Story Siren

Hi guys!
I'm back home from my business trip. I learned a bunch, read a bunch and even had a chance to dip my toes in the ocean :)

Even though I was mostly MIA this week, I was able to snag 1 book off of NetGalley -- and a truly fabulously awesome book this is!

I'm about 75% done with it and I'm loving it.

If this one isn't already on your wishlists - go add it now!

I have an IMM for tomorrow and then next week I should be back on schedule with regular (at least for me ;) postings.

No linky this week since no one has really expressed an interest in posting their one On My Reader posts but I would still love to know about any e-books you've added to your collection this week :)

Book link is to Goodreads

For Review from NetGalley
April 24, 2012 from Harlequin Teen
The first book in Julie's new series - think dystopian, vampires and a kick a** heroine. Again, I'm loving this book!


  1. Ahhhh! It kills me to not request the Immortal Rules because I'm trying to chill out on requesting net galley books.

    Hope you LOVE it!!

  2. Ooh! I wondered if this was going to be on Netgalley! I got a paper ARC at PLA. I just broke open the box to see was in it and the cat started playing with the packing paper.

  3. I was so very excited to see the tweet that Julie K. put up about this being on Twitter. I do have some books to read before this one, but umm.. I have to say that it has been moved up the list. I am sooooo very excited about Immortal Rules.

  4. Darn it! I am still on a NetGalley Ban! lol



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