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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Reading, Reviews and....Republicans?

Back in November, Galleysmith blogged about a method of reading inspired by a friend. Basically it involves making a list of books to read and then, well, reading them :)

I love this idea because I swear, I feel like I spend just as much time choosing a book to read as I do reading it.

I'm doing it a bit differently though. Instead of listing out particular books I've made a list of the types of books I want to read.

It actually wound up being a fairly complicated math equation (don't ask) BUT in the end I have a system that has been working pretty well for me.

My list is 20 (yes 20) items long and is made up of 8 different types of books - each one repeating randomly.

Now, I warn you, this might not make any sense at all to anyone but in case you are curious, here is how it brakes down (the number after each category is the number of times it appears on my list of 20)
  • Review Book NEW -- ARCs and galleys of titles that haven't been released yet (4)
  • Review Book OLD -- ARCs and galleys of titles that have already been released. Also, finished books I have received for review (4)
  • Review Book REALLY OLD -- books from past BEAs, ARCs that I've had for a while (4)
  • On My Shelf -- any book that has been sitting on my shelf for a good amount of time (2)
  • Popular Titles -- books from my shelf that have generated a buzz. Includes books I've bought on the recommendations of others (2)
  • Series -- 2nd or 3rd or 4th books from a series I have already started
  • Adult -- non YA or MG books
  • Non Fiction -- self explanatory
The order is random and after a book is read I move it's category to the bottom, creating a never ending list!

Like I said, it's working so far for me. Knowing what category of book I'm looking for makes it a lot easier to actually pick one! My categories are also kind of fluid so it's easy for some books to fall into more then one and I have no problems skipping a category here and there if needed.

What do you guys think?!?

As some of you might have noticed, I haven't posted many reviews in the past couple of months. I've been reading a ton but...I've been having a hard time sitting down and getting my thoughts out (reviewer's block?). I would rather post nothing then post a half hearted, sloppily written review. Does that make sense?

I'm making a very conscience effort to remedy the situation. One thing I have found that works is to write my review immediately after finishing the book. Close book, open computer - done!

SO! For both my old and new followers, you can look forward to more reviews posted in 2012! (I don't do new years resolutions but if I did this would be one of them ;)

If anyone has tips on how to get out of a reviewing slump I would love to hear your thoughts!

and last and certainly least....
Republicans....or something....
YES I live in New Hampshire
YES the Republican Primary was held here today
YES GOP does stand for "Grand Old Party"
NO I was not partying today
NO I am not looking forward to many more months of political hoopla
....and please don't get me started on the Electoral College

I think that's enough out of me for now ;)
Expect actual awesomeness in the future! Ha!


  1. I think I am lost on your book listing, but it does sound like a great idea. I have been thinking about making one of my own. Glad to hear you have been reading a bunch. I know how the slow the review process can go. I think I still have like 13 to go myself. Good luck!

  2. I get it. I mean, your process and listing. I'm doing the list of 10 as well, but then modified it to 11. I like your addition of old review copies. That's a rocking idea.

  3. Hey, so long as your system works for you, that's all that matters! Better than my system, which is basically staring at my TBR pile, waiting for something to leap out at me and demand to be read! *L*


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