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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I declare January to be NetGalley Month - Sign Up Now :)

Happy New Year!

Ok, so I'm a few weeks off ;)

BUT, what I am in time for is Red House Book's 4th NetGalley Month Read-A-Thon!

Between January 1st and January 31st, I challenge you to read as many NetGalley books as you possibly can!

NetGalley October was a ton of fun and for January I've taken into account some participant suggestions:
*I'm using a linky tool for people to sign up with -- lets us all see and hopefully visit each other over the course of the month

*A Twitter hashtag? THERE IS ONE! It's #NetGalleyMonth and you can use it anytime you tweet about your NetGalley reads in January. I'll be checking the feed just about every night and hopefully crashing a few conversations ;)

A few of you also made some suggestions or requests regarding access to NetGalley titles. I just want to make clear that I have no affiliation with NetGalley and your participation in my read-a-thons in no way affects your personal NetGalley approvals. I'm doing this just for fun! If you're a NetGalley member, I'm sure there is at least 1 or 2 (or 10 or 20) titles you've already been approved for that need some love :)

For old and new participants alike, Greetings and Welcome! 

The 'rules' are really simple:
1. Declare yourself!
Write up a post, share it on Facebook, Tweet, sky writing, carrier pigeons...Somehow, let the world know you're participating and link it up below.
2. Read NetGalley books in January!
And tell us about them in February :)

Any questions, let me know! (email: WilowRaven@gmail.com OR tweet me @WilowRedHouse)

Thanks to Sarah from Workaday Reads, NetGalley January now has a wonderful button!
Sarah created NetGalley October's button and once again, she has done a fabulous job.
I've included the code in case you want to add it to your site as well.

<center><a href="http://redhousebooks.blogspot.com/2011/12/i-declare-january-to-be-netgalley-month.html"target="_blank"><img src="http://i1026.photobucket.com/albums/y327/WilowRaven/NGmonth-Jan.jpg"/></a></center>

Use the linky below to DECLARE YOURSELF!
*The URL link should be a direct link to your declaration post OR just your blog if you haven't written up a post yet OR some other place to find you online (if you have none of these, email me and we'll work something out)
If you link just your blog but do write up a post later, let me know and I can edit your link
*Name should be something like Emily @ Red House Books or Emily's Twitter -- some way for everyone to know who you are :)
*Your email will only ever be seen by me!


  1. I just put the blog link, I'll do a post tomorrow but I wanted to do it before I over thought joining lol. I love these months, I always get a bunch read and I'm being much better about requesting and scheduling/planning what to do with all the books now so I'm actually almost up to date!

  2. I already messed up lol. Twitter name is @alaskanbookcafe. Blog has the same name. I tweeted that I'm doing this. This is a great way to catch up on my NG Books.

  3. Sooo doing this again. I'll post my declaration post at the end of this week. I already have plenty of NG books lined up.

  4. I'm so excited about this! This is the first NG month I'll really be able to participate in and I can't wait. I have tons of books I'm looking forward to reading. :)

  5. Will post this tonight - then Headed to NetGalley to request some more books :) I only have 6 left!

  6. I tweeted my participation but I'm going to link to a blogpost later because I want to start talking about the books I plan to read.

  7. Yay! I've got some books collected already. Waiting for January to start reading :)

  8. So happy to be joining in your Netgalley read-a-thon! =) Thank you!

  9. putting up my post soon. i really need to get these netgalley books read. i have so many good ones waiting!

  10. Thanks for hosting this again! Do you have a banner or button/badge for the Read-A-Thon?

  11. My post will be up on Friday. I emailed you a button I created. If anyone else wants to use it, you can either see it in my post Friday or find it at here.

  12. I will be doing my post over xmas but the button is up on my blog. I will email you think link when it is posted :)

  13. Thanks for the button, Sarah! It's so cute!!

  14. Sarah, the button's too cute! I just added the link to my blog, will post the "I declare" link after Christmas! Merry Merry everyone!

  15. YES! I get to participate now that school is over. Also I got excited and added my link before I had the post URL (doh). It's http://www.readnowsleeplater.com/2011/12/netgalley-january.html ... thanks for the challenge!

  16. Great idea! I have lots of things I want to review from Netgalley! I look forward to reading and following your blog!

  17. Yay! Thanks for hosting this! I wanted to compete in the last one but I didn't see it until after the fact. We are both excited!

    --Kaitlin and Jenny

  18. I am in! This will really help me finally get to those books I have waiting on NetGalley!

  19. Have a ton of books to read from NG so this is perfect timing. I'll be glad when they are back full staff so more books will be available!

  20. Hey Emily! I got around and did my declaration post, you can find it here: http://www.stella-exlibris.com/2011/12/january-is-netgalley-month.html

    Thank you and Happy New Year!! :-D

  21. Thanks everyone! I updated everyone's link so far that asked me to so let me know if something doesn't look right :)

    I can't wait for January to start :)

    Spread the word - let's see how many people we can get to join in :)

  22. Here is the direct link to my post. I'm already signed up as #4 on the linky.


  23. Definitely signing up this time! I'll be gone from home all of January with only my ereader and a few paperbacks, so I'll be using this time to catch up with all my NG reads!

  24. Here is my list of books I'm planning to read http://shatterbooks.blogspot.com/2011/12/january-month-netgalley-challenge.html

  25. My posting will go live on Monday and can be found http://novelreaction.com/2012/01/netgalley-reading-challenge/ ‎
    Thanks for hosting this!

  26. Thanks SO much for hosting this again! I've missed the others, and am SOOOO happy I found it for this month as I have been entering and posting the Challenges I have decided to do this year! YEAH!!! Thanks a million!
    Here's my DECLARE YOURSELF POST: http://lauriehere.blogspot.com/2012/01/guess-what-january-is-netgalley-reading.html
    AND on my Challenges page, it's HERE:
    SOOO glad you are hosting this again!
    LOVE the button Sarah made!! It's SOOOOO cute!!
    Laurie Carlson

  27. Brilliant! I was going to do this anyway. Thanks for making it all official. ;)

  28. Hi, Emily! I've declared myself on the blog at last, so would you please update my link?
    Thank you!

  29. Thanks for hosting again. I need all of the help I can get trying to stay on top of eARCs.

  30. Thanks for hosting this!
    I declared myself!

  31. i just put in my link. I declared myself! :)

  32. Can't find the linky :(

  33. Found it and declared myself.

  34. I'm declaring myself (not just for reading but reviewing my NetGalley reads). I'll do a post later today.

  35. Excellent!!
    I can't wait to get started! I have one so far :D
    I'm also doing like Sherri, and in order to count my NetGalley reads, I also have to have written the review for the item!!
    So much fun!

  36. Isn't it always NetGalley month? I have 40+ titles in my open queue, as usual. They always look so good ;-) So many books, so little time, so much fun!

  37. Thanks so much for hosting this again! Always a good motivator!

  38. I just saw the post, but I'm in :)


  39. I declared myself here: http://www.urbangirlreader.com/2012/01/its-official-january-is-netgalley-month.html

  40. I deleted and re-added my link. I think linky was hacked because my link took you to a really nasty porn site. eek-gads!

    1. Thanks Kimba! I did a quick check of everyone's links and they look ok. I'll be sure to check back every once and a while.

  41. where do i post the book reviews i've done for netgallery in january besides at their site?


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