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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Contest Time! +Supper Special Birthday Wishes!


To who you ask?
To the wonderful and talented Suzanne Young!
Woo hoo! Let's all sing!
um..well, maybe you guys could sing - not sure you would want to hear me do it!

Her debut novel, The Naughty List, is due out in February.
I was lucky enough to receive an ARC and I finished it this week. I loved it!
I'm holding off on a review as I'm saving it for the 2010 Debut Author Challenge. It's going to be my first review of the new year so stay tuned!

To celebrate this joyous occasion I am holding a contest!
There will be two winners:

Winner 1 will get my ARC of The Naughty List AND some super cool swag from Suzanne!

Winner 2 will get a brand new copy of the book once it's released!

Contest is open to US residents 13 and older.
Ends on December 31st 11:59EST

I'm trying something new for this contest by using a form for entry. Only your name and email address are required but there are ways to gain extra points. Please ask if you have any questions.


ok - the form looks a little weird but it should still work! You can't see but the second line ends with "you might have to scroll down to see the button"


  1. Thanks for the awesome contest! Definitely can't wait to read it. And I'm a new follower, so I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more of your blog! :)


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