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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Book Review: Bad Girls Don't Die by Katie Alender

Title: Bad Girls Don't Die
Author: Katie Alender
Publication Date: April 2009
Genre: YA Fiction / Sci fi
Age: 12+
Pages: 352
Series: 1st in a series
Publisher's website: www.hyperionteens.com
Author's website: www.katiealender.com
Book acquisition: bought new hardcover

Alexis thought she led a typically dysfunctional high school existence. Dysfunctional like her parents' marriage; her doll-crazy twelve-year-old sister, Kasey; and even her own anti-social, anti-cheerleader attitude.
When a family fight results in some tearful sisterly bonding, Alexis realizes that her life is creeping from dysfunction into danger. Kasey is acting stranger than ever: her blue eyes go green sometimes; she uses old-fashioned language; and she even loses track of chunks of time, claiming to know nothing about her strange behavior.
Their old house is changing, too. Doors open and close by themselves; water boils on the unlit stove; and an unplugged air conditioner turns the house cold enough to see their breath in. Alexis wants to think that it's all in her head, but soon, what she liked to think of as silly parlor tricks are becoming life-threatening--to her, her family, and to her budding relationship with the class president.
Alexis knows she's the only person who can stop Kasey -- but what if that green-eyed girl isn't even Kasey anymore?
(from publisher's website)

Oooo - this book gave me the creeps! In a good way! A ghost story with a twist.

I loved the characters - how Alexis was smart and self confident but was able to recognize when things had gone too far - how absolutely creepy Kasey was! - how sweet Carter always was no matter what craziness was happening.
I wasn't really digging Alexis and Kasey's parents. They made me mad at times but they did play an important role in the story.

One thing I didn't like so much was the predictability. I had pretty much figured out the mystery very early on. BUT I think younger folks (12+ age range of the book) wouldn't find this a problem.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I have to say - I love the cover! Be warned though - if you do have a little sister...you might be looking at her in a whole new way after reading this book :)

I'm looking forward to the sequel! Check out Katie's site for updates.

4 out of 5 stars


  1. Hey, WilowRaven! Thanks for the review! And yes, this book has done a terrible disservice to little sisters. ;-)

  2. Great review. The cover to this book is so creepy! Sometimes predictable is OK if the writing is good. I am not worried because I have a sister and I already look at her differently.

  3. Sometimes I love short, predictable books! And these characters sound so intriguing. :-)

  4. This sounds creepily fun-luckily I don't have a little sister :)

  5. Lovely review! I thought this was a ghost story. I must read it.


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